Our Official Mascot

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The Grantsmanship Center was introduced to Suri alpacas by our former trainer, Patty Hasselbring, when she and her husband Britt established Hasselbring's Harmony Ranch (hasselbringsharmonyranch.com) in 2009.

We learned alpacas are highly intelligent and curious. Alpacas are herd animals and develop lasting relationships with their herd-mates. They are gentle and quiet, living harmoniously with the environment. And they are beautiful creatures – moving works of art. Alpaca fiber is exquisite, silky and soft as butter, and both light-weight and warm.

Designating any mascot may seem unusual. But the beauty and power of the alpaca is so inspiring that we could not resist. Because they embody so many qualities that will resonate with our also beautiful and powerful audience, we have declared the alpaca as the official mascot of The Grantsmanship Center.