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On August 17, 2015, TGCI's Chief of Training & Curriculum, Barbara Floersch, was interviewed by Dr. Waldo Castro on the Straight Talk with Dr. Waldo radio show on WZAB 880 am in south Florida. In the interview, Barbara discusses the importance of TGCI’s proposal writing model to help nonprofits find funding for their programs. Please note: the training referenced in the interview will take place August 24 – 28 (Monday through Friday) in Miami, Florida.

Originally recorded by radio host, Jim Engster, in Baton Rouge on February 28, 2014, this short interview introduces the concept of social enterprise and explains how it can benefit nonprofit organizations and their communities.




Every grant proposal professional must at some point respond to colleagues, board members, or volunteers who think a federal grant represents "free money"--that to get tens of thousands, or even millions, of dollars for your cause, all you have to do is send in a proposal. This is an illusion.

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The term "mission creep" was originally coined to describe the tendency of military operations in foreign countries to gradually expand in scope, requiring commitment of more and  more resources, until the original mission is overshadowed and neglected. Mission creep occurs in nonprofit organizations as well.

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You don't have to be an expert evaluator to carry out a useful program evaluation. The author, Carter McNamara, is co-founder of Authenticity Consulting, LLC and founder of the online Free Management Library. This article is excerpted from his Field Guide to Nonprofit Program Design, Marketing and Evaluation.

Direct mail fundraising hasn't disappeared in the wake of Internet marketing. Find out how to effectively reach potential donors. Authors, Fran Jacobowitz and Kay P. Lautman of Lautman & Company, a Washington, DC-based fundraising firm, specialize in membership and donor development. This article is excerpted with permission from Direct Response Fund Raising: Mastering New Trends for Results, edited by Michael Johnston.

Despite unpredictable funding and executive and staff turnover, your organization can build a team to last. Learn how from Jerry Jensen, who served for many years as Personnel Director of the RAND Corporation.

Integral to what the Hoover Commission called "the warp and woof of present-day government," federal grant making is an essential part of the mechanism for federal change. Author, Barbara Floersch, is a trainer for the Grantsmanship Center.

Learn how to determine the best hard and soft data from your organization, and to draw on both for an excellent proposal. Author Norton J. Kiritz, is founder of The Grantsmanship Center.

Focus groups can be extremely useful for nonprofits wishing to connect with their communities. Author, Judith Sharken Simon, was a senior consultant with Community Services Group of the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation.

This article is excerpted with permission from Conducting Successful Focus Groups, part of the Fieldstone Alliance Nonprofit Field Guide Series.

 Does your organization have one?  Is it still relevant?  If you're thinking about drafting or updating your mission statement, tune in to this podcast for guidelines from an expert. Janel M. Radke, the author, served as the first executive director of the Center for Strategic Communications and as vice president for communications for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Thinking about applying for a government grant? Take a minute to listen to this example of how to avoid getting your proposal rejected at a glance.  Writer Susan Compo, who filed this report for The Grantsmanship Center News, is currently working on a biography of the actor Warren Oates.

Get an insider's perspective on how foundations operate--and how grantseekers should approach them. This article is adapted from a TGCI alumni gathering with Dr. Joel Orosz, a former program director in Philanthropy and Volunteerism at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Itemizing your volunteer expenses now can pay off in the upcoming tax season. Author Conrad Teitell, partner in the law firm, Cummings and Lockwood, LLC, is also editor of the monthly newletter, Taxwise Giving.

This series of tips was explored by alumni online in The Grantsmanship Center Alumni Forum. Author Barbara Floersch, is a trainer for The Grantsmanship Center.

Funders want to improve organizations not rescue them. Make sure you are starting from a position of strength. Author Susan Chandler, is a trainer for The Grantsmanship Center.

Listen in as trainers Judith Gooch and Kevin Wiberg sit down to discuss funding for the arts and other cultural projects, and the best ways to adapt your grant proposal. "Understanding Arts & Culture Proposals" is included in the five article series on "Adapting the Program Planning & Proposal Writing Model."  Special thanks to Glen Hansard, Colm MacConIomaire, and the Frames for use of "People Get Ready."