A Logical Call to Action: Grants as Advocacy, Not Just Asking


We all know what a grant proposal is. It’s a document we write and submit to private or government funders requesting money to support our organization’s work. Right? While grant proposals do indeed request funding, I think this standard definition falls short and points us in the wrong direction. Grant funding is a tool for making something better, and since the real goal is impact instead of money, I propose an expanded definition.


Social Enterprise: A Sweet Deal

social enterprise


A social enterprise is an organization or program that sells goods and services to advance its mission. Examples include thrift stores, training, publishing, product sales, and consulting. Social enterprise activities may be occasional and informal, such as bake sales and car washes, or they can be on-going businesses. Some well-known examples include Goodwill, SCORE, Open Book Publishers, Girl Scout cookies, and the Natural History Museum gift store.